Symposium dedicated to the exchange of experience in combating desertification

Today, on June 17, the grand opening of the International Symposium on Combating Desertification was held in the city of Hohhot in the Inner Mongolia (China). The symposium was opened by the Deputy Director General of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, Pratin Mongo. After that, the head of the Chinese Forestry and Pasture Management Agency, Zhang Chihlun, made a special note: “It is important to note that such symposiums provide an opportunity to exchange ideas about scientific research on methods to prevent and combat sand pines in sandy areas and apply proven innovative methods.”

In September of this year, another international campaign to combat desertification is planned to be held in New Delhi (India). During the symposium, this day, the lectures of countries on thematic issues will be heard with the division in the session. At the third session, the report of the Deputy Director of the International Innovation Center of the Aral Sea Region, M. Ganiyev, on the topic “Perspective solutions to environmental problems encountered in the Aral Sea region” will be heard.

About 500 people from around the world take part in this symposium.




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