International Innovation Center for the Aral Sea Basin will enter into an international partnership with institutions (CAREC)

The Center received an invitation from the Chinese Academy of Sciences to participate in the international conference on the occasion of World Day to Combat Desertification, which takes place in Inner Mongolia in China from 16 to 19 June 2019. The participation of famous scientists from around the world and representatives of international organizations is expected. In connection with this Center, Deputy Director M. Ganiev was sent to the conference on June 13 to attract the attention of the world communities to the problems associated with the drying up of the Aral Sea and the measures that need to be taken to prevent consequences.

On June 14, at the Institute of Central Asian Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) in Urumqi (China), M. Ganiev met with the Director of the Institute Sanjaasuren Bayaraa, Deputy Director Batsaykhan Zagdragach, and staff members of the Institute.The Institute (CAREC) (CI) is an intergovernmental organization that contributes to the Central Asian Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Program through knowledge generation and capacity building. CAREC is working on its projects in 11 countries in Asia.

During the meeting took place, an exchange of views on the use of best practices in the field of agriculture in the Aral Sea region in the development of tourism and the development of private partnership of countries.

During the excursion, the director of the institute, Sanjaasuren Bayaraa, and the deputy director, Batsaykhan Zagdragach, expressed their views on the economic support of agriculture in solving problems arising in the Aral Sea region. As a result of this meeting, a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Institute (CAREC) and the International Innovation Center of the Aral Sea Region will be signed soon.







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